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Manufactured by Koki's Technologies
- promoting a healthy lifestyle
- believes that prevention is better than cure

The Germkill™ touchless system
- Sanitizing and Cleaning of hands without
Cross Infection

Cross Infection is the technical term describing the
transfer of bacteria from one host to another recipient.
In all areas of life, when people touch surfaces, there is a
danger of cross infection.

Cross Infection is particularly common in hospitals,
where patients' gather to seek treatment and are
exposed to situations either through personal contacts
or by other operational mediums such as instruments
and equipments that would have been used by
previous users, that includes medical staff, patients and
Instant Hand Sanitizer
A square-inch of surface on the lever of a typical soap dispenser
can easily host more than ¼ million bacteria, defeating the desired
effect of washing and sanitizing the hands. With the "Touchless
Sanitation System" developed by Germkill™, such cross infection
can be easily eliminated.

Koki's Technologies' vision is to establish the concept of Alcohol-
based "Touchless Quick Disinfection" as the predominant method
of hand cleaning and sanitizing in hospitals, public and
commercial areas throughout the world.

In general, we are faced with two different groups of bacteria on
our hands i.e
a. Transient - those that we pick up
b. Resident - those that are already on our skin.
Instant Hand Sanitizer
While it is important to kill both groups, transient germs are usually
more dangerous. This is primarily due to the fact that our bodies are
already immune to the germs we carry regularly on our skin, but not
necessarily to the ones we may have just picked up.
Therefore, an effective sanitizer has to be extremely powerful in dealing
in transient flora; and reasonably strong in eliminating resident flora.
To evaluate the effectiveness of Germkill™ in killing both groups of
germs, laboratory counts of colonies on the hands before and after the
use of Germkill™ was done. The following facts were established:
Instant Hand Sanitizer
Germkill™ and Transient Germs

The efficacy of Germkill™ in reducing transient hand flora is in excess
of 99.99%. This puts Germkill™'s killing efficiency with the respect of
transient germs at more than double the efficiency of typical off-the-
shelf products that are based on 60% to 65% ethyl alcohol.

Germkill™ and Resident Germs

The efficacy of Germkill™ in reducing the release of resident skin
bacteria is in excess of 99.6%. Based on this number, Germkill™'s
resident germ killing ability is about 30-50 times more powerful than
common antibacterial soaps and detergents, and a 100 times more
powerful than plain soap.
The active ingredient in Germkill™ is 70 - 80% Isopropyl Alcohol.
When this alcohol comes into contact with germs, it denatures the
molecular structure of cell proteins and effectively kills them. The
alcohol then evaporates and the special emollients remain on your
skin leaving it moisturized, soft and germfree.

Why 70 - 80% Alcohol?

WHO recommendation : 80% ethanol or 75% iso propyl alcohol

* higher percentage is less potent because proteins are not denatured
easily in the absence of water
Product Features & Benefits
Touchless Dispensing
- No cross contamination
- ease of use
- error-free dispensing
-promote frequent and regular hand
2. Unique Formulation
- Kills transient & resident micro org
- non allergic
- no skin irritation
- spearmint fragranced
3. 100% Pure, Natural Emollient
- restores lost moisture to prevent drying
- protects the skin
4. Spherical Shaped Transparent Dispenser
- bottom based dispensing outlet avoids collection of
dust and airborne micro-organism
- easy to view fluid level
5. Waterless & Paperless
- does not require soap, water, paper/towel or dryer
- cost saving
- time saving
- environment friendly
6. Low Voltage Battery
- convenience of placement
- long -life electronic dispensing
Instant Hand Sanitizer

Tests on Germkill™ Instant Hand Sanitizer were conclusive on the following:
(Lab results supplied on request)
Candida Albicans
Enterococcus Faecium (Streptococcusfaecalis)
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Proteus mirabilis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Salmonella typhimurium
Feline calicivirus
Gastroenteritis virus (surrogate of SARS)
Hepatitus A virus
Hepatitus B virus
Hepatitus C virus
Escherichia coli
P.aeruginosa SATCC Psa 16
S.aureus SATCC Sta 10
Escherichia coli SATCC Esc 25
(99.9% reduction from 3 Log 10)
(99.9% reduction from 3 Log 10)
(99.9% reduction from 3 Log

(99.9% reduction from 3 Log 10)
(99.9% reduction from 3 Log 10)
(99.9% reduction from 3 Log 10)
(99.404% reduction)
(99.709% reduction)
(90.46% reduction)
(90.46% reduction)
(90.46% reduction)
(99.76% reduction)
(100% reduction)
(100% reduction)
(100% reduction)

Instant Hand Sanitizer
Germkill™ Table Top

Display stands are available to enable ease-of-
access to Germkill™ Automatic Dispensers


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